World’s largest renewable energy project set for the Australian outback

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April 2021

The proposed renewable hydrogen and ammonia production facility will position Australia as a world leader in clean hydrogen.

The Asian Renewable Energy Hub will be built across 6,500 square kilometres in the East Pilbara region of Western Australia. That’s an area larger than the US state of Delaware.

The Australian Government granted the Asian Renewable Energy Hub Major Project Status in September 2020, formally recognising its strategic significance to the Australian economy. The project will build on Australia’s strengths as a major energy exporter while helping to reduce global emissions.

A consortium of global energy leaders will lead the development: InterContinental Energy, CWP Energy Asia, Vestas, and Macquarie. They will invest a total estimated capital investment of AUD $50.6 billion.

With lots of sun during the daytime and high wind speeds in the morning, evening and night, the proposed facility will generate 98 TWh of cheap, clean, renewable energy per year. Most of it will go toward large scale production of clean hydrogen and ammonia, for local and export markets.

The project will create approximately 20,000 jobs during the 10 year construction period, with 3,000 ongoing jobs for the 50+ year operational period.

The project holds great promise in addressing the energy security and emissions reduction challenges facing Australia’s regional neighbours – especially in Japan and Korea.

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