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Video: What graduates say about the Graduate Development Program

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May 2019

Former and current graduates, Tanja, Milly, Clayton, Howie and Jack, tell us what it’s like being part of the department’s Graduate Development Program.


Tanja: The graduate program here at the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science certainly went above and beyond any of the expectation that I had.

Jack: The thing that appealed to me about the Department of Industry was the really broad range of work that occurs across the department.

Tanja: It’s the diversity that the program offered.

Milly: There was four six-month rotations, which was a bit longer than some of the other programs.

Howie: Four rotations I think really gives you enough time to work on some really interesting projects

Clayton: One of my fears with the graduate program was that I wouldn’t get meaty tasks, but throughout my four rotations I got a real diversity of work. I even got to organise a trip for the Minister for Resources, and I actually got to accompany him on the trip as well.

Jack: The department made it extremely easy for me to relocate up here from Melbourne.

Milly: We got a grad buddy to answer some of those core questions like ‘what do I wear to work’.

Howie: There’s a lot of people, other grads, moving from interstate as well so we all rely on each other.

Tanja: Your supervisors and your peers were always around to provide support and answer any questions that you may have.

Clayton: Adjusting to Canberra was pretty easy for me. I really love it as a city. I’m from Albury in NSW. Canberra feels like a big county town, but it has everything you want in a city.

Milly: And having a graduate cohort that, a lot have them have also moved, so that was pretty good to make some friends quickly.

Tanja: For those people coming to the end of their degree I’d highly recommend applying for the graduate program here at the department.

Howie: In the public service we get some great benefits as well. Flexible working arrangements that can cater to pretty much anyone’s needs.

Jack: My advice to anyone looking to apply to the department of Industry would be ‘go for it’.

Milly: I had a really good experience applying. The department, they want to see the best version of you. So you don’t need to be afraid. Just jump in and have a try.

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