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The Anti-Dumping Commission tracks monthly volume and price movements of certain goods subject to anti-dumping measures. These include paper, steel, aluminium, chemical and glass products.

We prepare the Trade Remedy Index (TRINDEX) from this analysis. It provides graphical information on the product trade flows to help people interacting with the anti-dumping system make more informed and timely decisions.

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Compare the volume and price index for different products and export countries between 2017 and 2020.

Notes: For all products except 2,4-D, the charts show January 2017 as the index base 100. January 2017 should be taken to mean the entire 2017 calendar year. For 2,4-D, the charts show January 2018 as the index base 100. January 2018 should be taken to mean the period April-December 2018.

The TRINDEX shows monthly index figures, using import volumes and prices indexed against the relevant base year. ‘Drilling up’ on the charts will not show accurate annual index figures.

In relation to deep drawn stainless steel sinks, for countries other than China:

  • Volume indices are indicative only.
  • A price index is not shown.

Source: Australian Border Force import database (2020).


The TRINDEX shows the volume and weighted average unit price of imported goods as an index. It does not show actual volumes or prices. While indices provide an indication of movements in volumes and prices, they are not actuals, so take care interpreting the data.

It shows import sources that represent greater than 3% of total 2017 import volumes, as well as emerging significant new sources. We only include countries that have exported to Australia in the last six months.

This information should not be considered as official trade statistics produced or endorsed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Read how to interpret the data in this report and our methodology.

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