Hydrogen hero: Australian company develops ‘missing link’ in hydrogen supply chain

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April 2021

Star Scientific’s HERO Technology has been recognised at a global level for its significance to the future of hydrogen.

The Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser (HERO) converts hydrogen into continuous industrial heat without combustion.

The technology utilises hydrogen and oxygen gas, combines them in the presence of the HERO catalyst, and produces vast amounts of usable heat. Water is the only other output.

HERO is one of very few technologies that can put hydrogen into use today and its potential applications are vast.

Swapping HERO for a coal-fired boiler in an existing power plant can reduce emissions while allowing the plant to continue operating. The technology can also provide an off-grid energy source, quickly and reliably generating power in remote communities at low cost.

Aside from energy generation, HERO can be used for industrial processes requiring heat, and is rapidly gaining interest in the food manufacturing sector.

The company calls the technology ‘the catalyst for a zero emissions future’.

Star Scientific won the inaugural World Hydrogen Awards’ Industrial Application category for the innovation. It was also awarded the 2020 S&P Platts Global Energy Awards’ Emerging Technology of the Year.

The company recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Philippines Government centred on HERO. The MoU will help drive the country’s energy self-sufficiency using hydrogen as a fuel source.

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