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The former COAG Energy Council commissioned a series of reviews, studies, research and analysis to inform the National Hydrogen Strategy. 

Commissioned reports

Australian Hydrogen Hubs Study (Arup Australia)

The report identifies suitable locations for hydrogen export hubs, supply chain infrastructure to support hubs, and criteria to determine the feasibility of hydrogen precincts, cities and regions in Australia.

Australian Hydrogen Hubs Study Report 2019 [3.2MB PDF] [1.7MB DOCX]

Hydrogen for Transport: Prospective Australian Use Cases (Aurecon Australia)

The report identifies opportunities for early use of hydrogen for transport in Australia. It details options for overcoming barriers to using hydrogen in near-term transport demonstrations, pilots and trials. This includes infrastructure and commercialisation.

Hydrogen for Transport Report 2019 [5.8MB PDF] [1.4MB DOCX]

Hydrogen Industry Legislation (Clayton Utz)

The report reviews Commonwealth, state and territory legislation, regulations, and standards that could be relevant to hydrogen projects and industry development. It includes recommendations on how to proceed with an in-depth legal review.

Hydrogen Industry Legislation Report 2019 [262KB PDF] [126KB DOCX]

Australian and Global Hydrogen Demand Growth Scenario Analysis (Deloitte)

The report analyses Australia’s position in the hydrogen export market against potential competitors, and the share of this demand that Australia could potentially capture. Note an errata to the report was issued in May 2020 and can be found below.

Australian and Global Hydrogen Demand Growth Scenario Analysis Report 2019 [4.7MB PDF] [3.5MB DOCX]

 Australian and Global Hydrogen Demand Growth Scenario Analysis Report - May 2020 Erratum [356KB PDF] [377KB DOCX]

Hydrogen to Support Electricity Systems (GHD Advisory)

The report assesses possible future effects of hydrogen production on Australian power systems and considers opportunities for hydrogen production to support Australian power system operation. It determines whether relevant electricity system regulatory frameworks are compatible with industrial-scale hydrogen production and the use of hydrogen for power generation.

Hydrogen to support Electricity Systems Report 2020 [10.2MB PDF] [13.3MB DOCX]

Hydrogen in the Gas Distribution Networks (GPA Engineering)

The report investigates a kickstart project that allows up to 10% hydrogen into gas distribution networks. It reviews the technical impacts and standards to identify barriers and develop recommendations.

Hydrogen in the Gas Distribution Networks Report 2019 [4.9MB PDF] [1.8MB PDF]

Hydrogen Impacts on Downstream Installations and Appliances (GPA Engineering)

The report analyses the technical impacts to end-users of natural gas in Australian distribution networks, when up to 10% hydrogen (by volume) is mixed with natural gas.

Hydrogen Impacts on Downstream Installations Appliances Report 2019 [1.9MB PDF] [1.2MB DOCX]

Developing Community Trust in Hydrogen (University of Queensland)

The report documents current knowledge of the social issues surrounding hydrogen projects. It reviews leading practice stakeholder engagement and communication strategies and findings from focus groups and research activities across Australia.

Developing Community Trust in Hydrogen Report 2019 [1.2MB PDF] [1.1MB DOCX]

Additional reports

International Outreach Kick-Start Project Report (Austrade)

The summary document outlines coordinated international outreach by Austrade to build Australia’s profile with major trading partners as a potential hydrogen supplier.

International Outreach Hydrogen Kickstart Report 2019 [87.5KB PDF] [35.5KB DOCX]

Hydrogen as a Transport Fuel (Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics)

The report analyses location options for a freight-based limited initial deployment of hydrogen refuelling stations. It includes a review of technical specifications for vehicles, refuelling, costs and site requirements.

Hydrogen as Transport Fuel Report 2019 [2.4MB PDF] [16MB DOCX]

Prospective Hydrogen Production Regions of Australia (Geoscience Australia)

The report provides maps that show areas with high potential for future hydrogen production under different scenarios in Australia.

Read the report on the Geoscience Australia website.

Indicative Ananlysis of Blending Hydrogen in Gas Networks - Update (Frontier Econonmics)

This report is intended to provide an indicative analysis of the economics of blending hydrogen in Australian natural gas distribution networks.

Hydrogen Blending - Final report 2020 [6.4MB PDF]