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Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy sets a vision for a clean, innovative, safe and competitive hydrogen industry that benefits all Australians. It aims to position our industry as a major global player by 2030.

The hydrogen strategy:

  • explores Australia’s clean hydrogen potential
  • considers future scenarios with wide ranging growth possibilities
  • outlines an adaptive approach that equips Australia to scale up quickly
  • includes showcases from each state and territory
  • details nationally coordinated actions involving governments, industry and communities

Download the strategy

Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy [16.27MB PDF]

Overview: Korean translation 한국어 번역본 | Japanese translation 日本語訳

Watch the video


In a grey and white vector animation, a small car drives along a city street. Black smoke puffs from its exhaust and small circles with a CO2 chemical symbol inside them drift up through the city skyline.


The world is transitioning to a clean and secure energy future, and hydrogen is emerging as an important part of this future.


The animation becomes sky blue and solar panels and wind turbines appear across the city. A green electricity symbol appears on the car door.

On a green background, a white circle has the symbol for hydrogen inside it. A hard hat lowers down onto the circle. Sparkles of light appear around it and various symbols interchange inside the circle.


This is because hydrogen is a safe, flexible and clean fuel that can be used to power vehicles, generate electricity and produce heat, all without carbon emissions.

Many countries around the world have plans to use hydrogen, but not all countries have the resources to make enough to meet their needs.


In a vector animation, white clouds circle planet Earth. A fast descent to Japan and South Korea both marked in white text. Across to Europe, Germany is marked in white text.


In Australia, we are lucky to have an abundance of natural resources to make clean hydrogen for our own use and to supply the world.


Back across and down to Australia, white renewable energy icons appear on the green Australian landmass.


By adding hydrogen production to our economy, we could create jobs especially in regional areas and increase prosperity.


In a yellow and white vector diagram, a central circle has the hydrogen chemical symbol inside. Other circles diverge and form branches around it. Inside the various circles are icons for a house, a city, a briefcase and numerous dollar symbols.

In a blue and white vector diagram, a central circle has a lightning bolt symbol inside. Four circles around it have solar, hydro-power, wind and hydrogen symbols. The four circles merge into the central circle and become a power stanchion.  It merges again into a dollar symbol counter that spins and becomes a fuel pump.


Managed well, it could help integrate renewable energy into our electricity grid and lower bills in the long-term. By using hydrogen, we can reduce dependence on imported fuel and we can reduce carbon emissions in Australia and around the world.


In the vector animation, the fuel pump recedes and the city appears around it. Rising above to the Australian continent and even further into space and the Earth again, surrounded by white clouds.

In another animation, a double page in an open book has various icons, graphs and a map of Australia. The book closes and the cover reads ‘Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy’.


It is for these reasons that Australian governments have developed a National Hydrogen Strategy. We've listened to industry and communities to lay the foundation for a thriving industry that benefits all Australians.


In a yellow and white vector animation, speech bubbles multiply and form the shape of the Australian continent. A swirl becomes a crystal ball with a question mark symbol inside.


The exact future of energy is impossible to predict, so the strategy is adaptive and can be adjusted and revisited over time with the ultimate goal of being a major global player in clean hydrogen by 2030 and to position ourselves for even greater success.

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Australian Governments.


The Australian Government coat of arms. The COAG Energy Council logo is a circular rainbow-coloured aperture.

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