Strategy for growth: strategic space pillars

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Based on the opportunity and challenge for Australia in the global space sector, four Strategic Space Pillars have been identified to transform and grow Australia’s space industry.

These pillars focus on transforming, inspiring and creating a competitive environment for the space sector to grow, and advancing Australia’s competitiveness and role as a responsible actor in civil space.

Strategic space pillars


Open doors

Leverage international bilateral and multilateral partnerships that, where consistent with our national interests, open the door for Australian innovators and grow a connected, respected, and globally competitive space industry in Australia.


Increase capability

From our areas of strength and addressing our challenges, transform and grow an Australian space sector that lifts the broader economy, and leaps into areas of future competitive advantage.


Regulation, risk, and culture

Promote a space sector culture that is globally respected, ensures national safety and security under an appropriate regulatory framework, and meets international obligations and norms.


Build future workforce

Partner in a vision to build an Australian space sector that inspires industry, researchers, government and the Australian community to grow the next generation of the space workforce.

This graphic shows our vision and 4 strategic space pillars: international, national, reponsible and inspire.