Measures of success

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Activities under the four Strategic Space Pillars will grow and transform Australia’s space industry and position Australia to triple the space sector’s contribution to GDP to over $12 billion per annum and create up to an additional 20,000 jobs by 2030.

In working towards this broader objective, the activities would aim to:

  • stimulate at least $1 billion pipeline in inward capital investment in Australia’s space industry between 2019 and 2025, including R&D investment and infrastructure investment
  • achieve year-on-year growth of the Australian space industry that exceeds 8.5 per cent per annum
  • achieve year-on-year growth of direct and indirect jobs that would meet a target of 20,000 additional jobs by 2030
  • create a regulatory framework that ensures effective, efficient, and safe space activities
  • increase awareness of space activities and the impact on the Australian economy, cumulatively reaching at least 10 million Australians per year.