Phase 3 (2021–2028): Delivering success

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Focussing on priorities across each of the Strategic Space Pillars.


  • Focus on continuing international engagement through a proposed second stage of the ISI.
  • Establish joint international missions.
  • Further engage in our region where consistent with our national interests.


  • Focus on investment in the remaining four civil space priorities – Leapfrog R&D, Robotics and automation on Earth and in space, Access to space, and Australia’s role in civil space situational awareness.
  • Investments will be guided by the Investment Principles and sector roadmaps, which would identify which areas are being industry led and where the Government could provide effective investment.
  • Progress in all civil space priority areas will be monitored, and horizon scans will identify changes to areas of competitive advantage and opportunities.


  • Regulatory reform will continue to ensure safe operations in space and on the ground.
  • Areas of opportunity include considering conditions and the foundations needed for space launch and human space flight from Australia.


  • Investigate training priorities for the space sector, and develop a future workforce plan.
  • Continue to explore and develop opportunities through industry or international partnerships, including potential ‘moonshot’ missions.
  • Partner with organisations such as Questacon and the CSIRO to leverage and add support to other government STEM initiatives.