Actions to grow Australia’s space industry

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Australia has a strong and dynamic space sector, with high ambitions and great potential. This Strategy provides the space sector with the certainty of a long-term framework around which to plan its activities towards the transformation and growth of the industry.

Initial strategic actions, initiatives and programs for government to enable the space sector under the Strategic Space Pillars include:


  • Provide an international ‘front door’ for civil space activities and partnerships through the Agency.
  • Leverage Australia’s competitive advantages to build new partnerships for industry, for example through the International Space Investment initiative and Austrade’s strong national and international commercial networks.
  • Work with counterpart space agencies, relevant multilateral forums and other international organisations to create an enabling environment for Australia’s space industry.


  • Support the National Civil Space Priorities, commencing with investing in national enabling infrastructure to support the growth of Australia’s space industry. For example, through the Space Infrastructure Fund, and Geoscience Australia’s initiatives, Digital Earth Australia (DEA), National Positioning Infrastructure Capability (NPIC), and Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS).
  • Assist in developing national capability in critical space data gathering, analysis and services, particularly in areas in which Australia has critical dependencies and in consideration of international partnerships.
  • Identify future national and international opportunities and barriers through technology road mapping aligned to the National Civil Space Priority Areas and Agency partnerships.
  • Coordinate civil space activities across the nation through the Agency.


  • Develop a world-class regulatory system that enables entrepreneurship while ensuring national safety and security, including cyber security, and meeting international and national obligations.
  • Investigate the risks and opportunities related to domestic launch capability.


  • Showcase Australia’s achievements in space activities to inspire young people to take up STEM careers, and support the growth of the future workforce.
  • Identify options for ‘moonshot’ missions that inspire the nation and provide stretch, increase capability and build collaboration in the space sector.

The Agency will also leverage other complementary government policies and programs that would support growth and transformation of the National Civil Space Priorities.