Anti-Dumping Review Panel conference guidelines

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January 2020

The Customs Act 1901 enables the Anti-Dumping Review Panel (ADRP) to hold a conference at any time after receiving a review application. See section 269ZZHA of the Act for Ministerial decisions and section 269ZZRA for Commissioner’s decisions.

Conference purpose

A conference is a meeting between the ADRP member (Reviewing Member) considering or conducting a review and the relevant party or parties.

The purpose is to assist the Reviewing Member to obtain further information in relation to an application or review. At a conference, the Reviewing Member might ask a party to clarify an argument, claim or specific detail in an application or submission.

Conferences are not:

  • an opportunity to investigate claims not otherwise raised by parties in an application or submission
  • formal hearings where parties can argue their case before the Reviewing Member

Conferences occur at the discretion of the Reviewing Member.

Conference participants

The Reviewing Member may invite parties they consider appropriate to a conference. These may include:

  • representative(s) from the Anti-Dumping Commission
  • applicant(s)
  • representative(s) of the applicant(s) (if applicable)
  • parties who have made submissions
  • a translator (provided by any participant, if required)

Conference arrangements

Conferences are held via teleconference, unless otherwise agreed by the Reviewing Member and relevant parties.

If a conference occurs before the review is initiated, the applicant must be invited. If the applicant does not attend, and does not provide a reasonable excuse, the Reviewing Member may reject their application.

If the Reviewing Member intends to hold a conference, the ADRP Secretariat will consult with the relevant parties. The Secretariat will provide parties with the conference date, time, dial-in instructions and proposed discussion topics from the Reviewing Member.

The number of conferences held in the course of a review is at the discretion of the Reviewing Member.

Conferences typically run between one and two hours.

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