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Uranium Council

The Uranium Council supports the sustainable development of Australia’s uranium industry.


The Council’s objectives are to:

  • influence legislative and policy frameworks to support the sustainable development and effective regulation of the industry
  • provide a forum for industry to raise barriers to investment
  • improve policy coordination and consistency (where appropriate) across governments
  • facilitate information-sharing on issues affecting the uranium industry


Membership includes representatives from the:

  • Australian Government
  • state and territory governments
  • industry bodies
  • uranium mining and exploration companies


The Council meets once a year and can communicate out of session. Our department provides secretariat support.


Uranium Council activities fall under four broad themes.


Activities under this theme address issues affecting the industry's ability to operate in Australia. This includes land access for exploration and regulatory frameworks.

Key activities include the development of:


Activities under this theme address the uranium industry’s potential impacts on health, safety and the environment.

Activity includes:


Activities under the stewardship theme promote safe and responsible management of Australia’s uranium resources. This include issues such as safety and non-proliferation in countries Australia exports to.

Activity includes participation in international uranium safety forums, such as those hosted by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Indigenous communication and economic development

Activities under this theme look at opportunities for greater cooperation between the uranium industry, governments and Indigenous communities.

Activity includes a suite of Uranium Facts for Indigenous communities exposed to the prospect of uranium mining. For copies, please contact us.

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Last updated: 8 December 2020

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