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Fraud and corruption

Fraud committed within or against the department is serious—we have zero tolerance.

Our staff are expected to demonstrate high levels of personal integrity and be aware they have reporting obligations under the APS Values and Code of Conduct. This is to ensure that fraud and corruption risks are identified, assessed and investigated where appropriate.

We comply with the Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework and supporting policies.

Types of fraud

Internal fraud

Fraud committed by staff or contractors against the department is ‘internal fraud’. This includes misuse of:

  • assets, equipment or facilities (including credit cards)
  • ICT systems and information
  • administrative processes
  • position

External fraud

Fraud committed by an external party, such as a service provider or other member of the public, against the department or its programs is considered ‘external fraud’. This includes:

  • customers deliberately claiming benefits they know they are not eligible to receive
  • external service providers making claims for services not provided
  • contractors overcharging for services
  • theft of public resources, including money, information and property
  • providing false or misleading information or documentation

Reporting fraud

If you suspect fraud, you can report by using the channels below:

What do we do with reports of fraud?

We take all allegations seriously.

When we receive your report:

  • you will receive a case reference number and contact details
  • a qualified investigator will assess your referral
  • the assessment may take 2-4 weeks to be finalised
  • you will be notified of the outcome

If the matter is not accepted for criminal investigation, we will advise you within 3 days of completing the assessment.

If the information identified in the assessment is sufficient to support an investigation, the Senior Investigator will conduct a criminal investigation. At this point you may be contacted again to provide additional information.

If the allegation is considered 'serious or complex' fraud, the Senior Investigator will refer the allegation to the Australian Federal Police, law enforcement agency or public sector organisation. We will advise you if this referral occurs.

Fraud and Corruption Control Plan

Following the development of a risk assessment the department must develop a  Fraud and Corruption Control Plan [PDF 636KB]  [DOCX 641KB] incorporating prevention, detection, response, monitoring and reporting strategies. Development, updates and implementation of the Fraud and Corruption Control Plan includes an ongoing fraud work program to manage the identified risks.


Last updated: 8 December 2020

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