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Space data and technologies enable the modern economy to function. It provides us with everyday essentials such as internet access and weather and location information.

The Australian Space Agency will transform and grow a globally respected Australian space industry. This will:

  • lift the broader economy
  • inspire and improve the lives of Australians
  • be underpinned by strong international and national engagement

Our role

The Agency is responsible for whole-of-government coordination of civil space matters and is the primary source of advice to the Australian Government on civil space policy. This involves:

  • providing national policy and strategic advice on the civil space sector
  • coordinating Australia’s domestic civil space sector activities
  • supporting the growth of Australia’s space industry and the use of space across the broader economy
  • leading international civil space engagement
  • administering space activities legislation and delivering on our international obligations
  • inspiring the Australian community and the next generation of space entrepreneurs


The national civil space priorities focus on strengthening Australia’s competencies and growing capabilities. They include:

  • communications technologies, services and ground stations
  • Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and debris monitoring
  • Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) infrastructure
  • Earth Observation (EO) services
  • research and development
  • remote asset management
  • developing a strategy to position Australia as an international leader in specialised space capabilities


The Agency will help businesses win a greater share of the global space market. Established in July 2018 after a review of Australia’s Space Industry Capability, the Agency has $41 million in funding over 4 years.

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