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Space data and technologies enable the modern economy to function. They provide us with everyday essentials such as internet access and weather and location information. Australia has a geographical advantage with a unique view into the galaxy.

The Australian Space Agency will transform and grow a globally respected Australian space industry. This will:

  • lift the broader economy
  • inspire and improve the lives of Australians
  • be underpinned by strong international and national engagement

Australia’s Civil Space Strategy

We have developed the Australian Civil Space Strategy to advance this vision and provide a long-term plan for the space sector.

The National Civil Space Priorities focus on strengthening Australia’s competencies and growing capabilities. They include:

  • Position, navigation and timing (PNT)
  • Earth observation (EO)
  • Communications technologies and services
  • Space situational awareness and debris monitoring
  • Leapfrog R&D
  • Robotics and automation on Earth and in space
  • Access to space

Our role in growing the space sector

The Agency is responsible for whole-of-government coordination of civil space matters. It is the primary source of advice to the Government on civil space policy. This involves:

  • providing national policy and strategic advice on the civil space sector
  • coordinating Australia’s domestic civil space sector activities
  • supporting the growth of Australia’s space industry and the use of space across the broader economy
  • leading international civil space engagement
  • administering space activities legislation and delivering on our international obligations
  • inspiring the Australian community and the next generation of space entrepreneurs

The Agency will help businesses win a greater share of the global space market.

Operations and activities

The Agency is responsible for:

Learn more about our structure and governance.

Established in July 2018 after a review of Australia’s Space Industry Capability, the Agency has $73.2 million in funding.

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