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Australia’s measurement system

The National Measurement Institute, Australia’s peak measurement body, ensures that our measurement system enhances the productivity and growth of Australian industries.

Buying and selling goods and services by weight and other measurements

Trade measurement laws apply to all retail and wholesale transactions where measurement determines price.

Measurement standards

The National Measurement Institute is the peak Australian measurement body responsible for biological, chemical, legal, physical and trade measurement.

Pattern approval

Pattern approval is where an impartial body examines the design of an instrument pattern against our national or international requirements.

Register of permits issued

Register of permits issued by the National Measurement Institute for products under certain conditions.

Servicing licensees

Servicing licensees test and verify measuring instruments used for trade.

Trade measurement inspectors

Trade measurement inspectors support Australia’s trade measurement laws.

Space industry

Regulating Australian space activities

We’re responsible for regulating Australian space activities.