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2014 Greenhouse Gas Storage Assessment Acreage Release Areas

In 2014, the Australian Government released offshore acreage for greenhouse gas storage assessment acreage. These areas are in the Gippsland Basin, offshore Victoria. Since acreage was awarded in 2015 they have been investigated to see if they are suitable to store greenhouse gas.

Offshore oil and gas environmental approvals

Oil and gas companies must seek approval to undertake offshore oil and greenhouse gas activities in Australian waters. In 2014 the government streamlined the environmental assessment process to reduce burden on companies, stakeholders and the community.

Taxes and royalties on minerals and petroleum

The Australian Government and state and territory governments own Australia’s mineral and petroleum resources on behalf of the community. Companies that extract mineral and petroleum resources must pay taxes and royalties. This ensures the community receives an adequate return on the use of Australia’s non-renewable resources.

Australian Petroleum News

Australian Petroleum News is an occasional newsletter we produce about offshore oil and gas matters in Australian waters.

Applying for combination certificates for petroleum projects

Taxpayers can apply for a combination certificate to allow two or more petroleum production licences to be recognised as a single project. This is done under the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax Assessment Act 1987.

Offshore petroleum safety regime review

We’ve commenced a review of the occupational health and safety (OHS) regime for offshore petroleum workers in Australian waters.

Rehabilitation of former nuclear test sites at Emu and Maralinga (Australia) 2013

The Rehabilitation of Former Nuclear Test Sites at Emu and Maralinga (Australia) 2003 Report—also known as the MARTAC report—contains a brief history of Maralinga and a thorough report on the Maralinga Rehabilitation Project.

Guide to Safe Transport of Uranium of Oxide Concentrate

The Guide to Safe Transport of Uranium Transport brings together widely adopted and applied procedures for the safe transport of uranium oxide concentration (UOC). It is consistent with the Code of Practice for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Substances.

Uranium Council

The Uranium Council supports the sustainable development of Australia’s uranium industry.

Low emissions technologies for fossil fuels

Low emission fossil fuel technologies reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the power sector and in industrial processes. These technologies include carbon capture utilisation and storage, high efficiency low emission and fugitive emission abatement technologies.