Gas Acceleration Program

Applications are now open for the Gas Acceleration Program (GAP).

Gas producers are encouraged to read the program guidelines to see if they are eligible and apply.

Applications close on 13 February 2018.

Read the guidelines and apply at


The $26 million GAP program will accelerate the development of onshore Australian gas resources to improve supplies to domestic gas consumers. GAP competitive grants will assist the states and the Northern Territory to attract investment in a diverse range of projects put forward by onshore gas producers.

The GAP grant guidelines favour projects with the greatest likelihood of securing new and significant volumes of gas for domestic gas consumers within 36 months (30 June 2020).

The GAP is part of a suite of measures designed to improve the accessibility and price of domestic gas, which have been identified as key risks for Australian business competitiveness and cost of living pressures. A tight supply-demand outlook, and other factors such as links to international export markets, ageing infrastructure and state and territory bans, are resulting in a higher ‘normal’ gas price and constrained availability.

Higher energy and input costs for industry, particularly trade exposed companies, could lead to the potential movement of jobs offshore. Higher prices also affect the ability for gas fired generation to offer sustainable, reliable electricity generation options during the transition to lower emissions.

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