4.0 Monitoring: implementation

Key messages

  • A leading practice approach to monitoring is essential for achieving consistently good performance outcomes and for facilitating continuous improvement.
  • Community participation is a decisive element in the design and implementation of leading practice socioeconomic and environmental monitoring.
  • Readily accessible and transparent data management systems are critical to ensure maintenance of quality assurance and quality control standards, and for the utilisation of the data to the maximum advantage of all involved with or affected by the project.
  • Monitoring, auditing and research all play a critical role in the development of achievable operational performance and mine completion criteria.
  • Leading practice monitoring systems are subject to regular review and are revised to take into account audit findings, changes in mine planning and operation, improvements in monitoring technology, and other relevant aspects.
  • Improved automated monitoring technology can increase cost-effectiveness and improve data collection and analysis.
  • Reporting systems for monitoring and auditing must be accurate and timely and address the information needs of all stakeholders. Feedback from monitoring programs should inform operational planning and decision-making.
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