3.0 Monitoring: design

Key messages

  • Monitoring will be most effective if it is based on reassessment of the key environmental and stakeholder risks, and changes to the community asset base, for each phase of operations over the life of the mine.
  • Regular review of the risks and associated monitoring are needed to ensure that objectives are met and findings are used to inform improved management decisions and practices.
  • Monitoring is the means by which mining companies and stakeholders can assess the effectiveness of management or control measures, verify or adjust predictions made early in the project, and develop improved management practices.
  • Leading practice mining project monitoring programs comprise environmental, social, cultural and socioeconomic aspects, in addition to routine operational monitoring requirements.
  • The dataset relating to environmental and community risks is less well developed and, for many aspects, harder to quantify, than that for safety and health, making it more important to share information and benchmark with leading practice companies and sites.
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