5.9 Audit personnel

Environmental and social audits can be conducted by internal or external auditors. The definition of an auditor in ISO 19011:2011 is ‘a person who conducts the audit’. The level of competence required for an audit is a decision for management of the organisation commissioning the audit, and is set out in detail in Section 7 of ISO 19011:2011.

All members of an audit team, or the lead auditor only, may be required to be certified as an environmental auditor by an accredited personnel certification body such as Exemplar Global (formerly RABQSA International).15 Most organisations require their external auditors to be certified by a recognised body, not necessarily in Australia. For example, certification is available through the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment in the United Kingdom and the Board of Environmental Health and Safety Auditor Certifications in the United States among others. There is currently no certification available specifically for a social auditor.

Members of the audit team may also be required to have undertaken an internal auditor training course approved by management and in accordance with the organisation’s own procedures.

Greenhouse and energy audits under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Regulations 2008 can only be conducted by a greenhouse and energy auditor registered by the Clean Energy Regulator.


15 Exemplar Global, www.exemplarglobal.org/.

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