3.7 Product transportation

Mineral ores are often transported long distances to mineral processing plants or to port for export. There is potential to save energy by using the most energy-efficient mode of transport and by improving the efficiency of the chosen mode.

Opportunities in rail include driver-assistance IT systems, such as portable loggers and GPS receivers, which enable freight trains to optimise their fuel efficiency. The onboard computer calculates fuel efficiency, based on the type of train, weight, speed, fuel consumption, gradient and curvature of the track, GPS location and driving techniques. The software provides instructions to optimise power, such as slower acceleration to maximum permitted speeds, coasting and running at lower speeds to allow more gradual deceleration before braking.

Other energy-efficiency opportunities and a more detailed examination of rail freight are available at the Energy Efficiency Opportunities website. Footnote 27

Similarly, there are many opportunities to improve energy efficiency in the road transport sector. This includes initiatives that improve aerodynamics and tyre performance, lightweighting, investment in efficiency engines and driver training. More information and examples are on the Energy Efficiency Opportunities website. Footnote 28


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