The Leading Practice Sustainable Development Program is managed by a steering committee chaired by the Australian Government Department of Industry Innovation and Science. The 17 themes in the program were developed by working groups of government, industry research, academic and community representatives. The leading Practice handbooks could not have been completed without the cooperation and active participation of all working group members.

The author of this revised edition of the Community Engagement and Development Handbook was Dr Catherine Macdonald, Director of Social Sustainability Services Pty Ltd, Western Australia. We acknowledge the following people who participated as peer reviewers of the Community engagement and development handbook and/or contributed case studies and other advice, and their employers who agreed to make the participants' time and expertise available to the program:

Dr Catherine Macdonald, Author
Social Sustainability Services Pty Ltd


Prof. David Breretor
Deputy Director, Research Integration
Sustainable Minerals Institute
The University of Queensland


Prof. Fiona Haslam McKenzie
Professorial Fellow 
Curtin Graduate School of Business
Curtin University


Mr Bruce Harvey
Adjunct Professor
Sustainable Minerals Institute
The University of Queensland


Ms Janet Reark
Principal Advisor, Communities and Social Performance
Rio Tinto plc
Ms Gillian Macmillan Community Relations,
Rio Tinto Alcan Weipa


Mr Richard Boele
Managing Director
Banarra Pty Ltd


Mr Kelvyn Eglintor
Regional Manager—External Relations
Newmont Asia Pacific
Mr Kit Wilson External Affairs
Co-ordinator, Newmont Waihi Gold


Mr Ron Brew
Manager Social Responsibility
Newcrest Mining Limited
Ms Melissa Schumacher
Senior Specialist—Public Affairs, Cadia
Valley Operations


Ms Jane Gronow
Jane Gronow Consulting


Mr Barry Riddiford, Manager, Community & Stakeholder Partnerships, Queensland
Operations, Martin Powley and Meg Frisby
MMG Century & Dugald River


Alice Cope
Executive Manager
Global Compact Network Australia

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