2.10 Construction phase

During the construction phase, there is a range of activities, such as earthmoving and road construction, which generate dust, possibly at higher levels than during the operational stage, at least for parts of the project site. If those parts of the site are close to sensitive areas, attention will need to be given to controlling dust emissions, especially under adverse dry and windy conditions.

Any baseline monitoring will continue through this stage. Also, if there is a potential for dust impacts on neighbours arising from construction, the situation may warrant the installation of one or more dust-monitoring instruments which can be used (at the boundary or at the sensitive location) to capture real time data and send an alarm when a predefined dust concentration is reached. In this way, activities can be controlled to minimise short-term dust events in response to the early-warning capability. These types of instruments are not compliant with regulatory standards and cannot be used for compliance monitoring, but are very useful for real time management.

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