The Leading Practice Sustainable Development Program for the Mining Industry series of handbooks has been produced to share Australia’s world-leading experience and expertise in mine management and planning. The handbooks provide practical guidance on environmental, economic and social aspects through all phases of mineral extraction, from exploration to mine construction, operation and closure.

Australia is a world leader in mining, and our national expertise has been used to ensure that these handbooks provide contemporary and useful guidance on leading practice.

Australia’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science has provided technical management and coordination for the handbooks in cooperation with private industry and state government partners.

Australia’s overseas aid program, managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, has co-funded the updating of the handbooks in recognition of the central role of the mining sector in driving economic growth and reducing poverty.

Mining is a global industry, and Australian companies are active investors and explorers in nearly all mining provinces around the world. The Australian Government recognises that a better mining industry means more growth, jobs, investment and trade, and that these benefits should flow through to higher living standards for all.

A strong commitment to leading practice in sustainable development is critical for mining excellence. Applying leading practice enables companies to deliver enduring value, maintain their reputation for quality in a competitive investment climate, and ensure the strong support of host communities and governments. Understanding leading practice is also essential to manage risks and ensure that the mining industry delivers its full potential.

These handbooks are designed to povide mine operators, communities and regulators with essential information. They contain case studies to assist all sectors of the mining industry, within and beyond the requirements set by legislation.

We recommend these leading practice handbooks to you and hope that you will find them of practical use.

The Hon Matthew Canavan MP
Minister for Resources and Northern Australia

The Hon Julie Bishop MP
Minister for Foreign Affairs

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