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Building Ministers' Forum sub-groups

To progress the Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF) priorities and other issues of national significance, the BMF is responsible for setting the strategic direction for these groups and forums.

Australian Building Codes Board

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is a multi-jurisdictional standards writing body.

The ABCB oversees the development of the National Construction Code. The NCC contains all on-site building and plumbing requirements in a single document.

The roles and responsibilities are in the Inter-Governmental agreement on the ABCB website.

Senior Officers’ Group

The Senior Officers’ Group (SOG) provides strategic policy advice to the BMF on building and construction issues of national significance.

The SOG is chaired and coordinated by the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works.

The roles and responsibilities are in the Senior Officers’ Group Terms of Reference [24.1KB PDF] [31.7KB DOCX]

Non-conforming building products

A priority focus of the SOG has been on non-conforming building products.

The SOG provided advice to the BMF on ways to minimise risk:

Strategies to Address Risks Related to Non-conforming Building Products: Report [1.1MB PDF]

Strategies to Address Risks Related to Non-conforming Building Products: Implementation Plan [844.8KB PDF]

Aluminium composite panels

The SOG is consulting with industry on possible options for a new system of permanent labelling for cladding products.

Read the Permanent Labelling System for aluminium composite products: Discussion paper [255.1KB PDF]

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing documents, please email

Building Regulators’ Forum

The Building Regulators’ Forum (BRF) is chaired by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

The BRF:

  • helps building regulators work more cooperatively and efficiently across jurisdictions and portfolios on non‐conforming buildings products
  • monitors cladding audits and reviews

The roles and responsibilities are in the Building Regulators’ Forum Terms of Reference [42.6KB PDF] [DOCX 30.2KB]

For further information regarding the BRF please contact the secretariat:

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Contacts for jurisdictions and information on non-conforming building products are on the ABCB website.

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Last updated: 8 December 2020

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