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Anti-Circumvention - Dumping

Wire ropes from South Africa

The goods the subject of the original notice are:

Stranded wire rope, alloy or non-alloy steel, whether or not coated or impregnated, having both of the following:

  • Not greater than 8 strands;
  • Diameter not less than 58mm and not greater than 200mm,

with or without attachments.

Further information regarding the goods is outlined below:

(i) Stranded steel wire rope is rope and strand made of high carbon wire (whether or not containing alloys);

(ii) The strand or rope can also be sheathed or impregnated and sheathed respectively in plastic or composites;

(iii) The wires can be layered-up in various configurations in order to give the strand or rope the desired physical properties;

(iv) Variances can include:

  • strand diameter;
  • number of wires;
  • wire finish (e.g. typically black but may be galvanised);
  • wire tensile grade;
  • type of lubricant;
  • strand or rope length; and
  • whether or not an attachment is included (but not limited to ferrules and/or beckets).

(v) Cores may be made of:

  • natural or synthetic fibre; or
  • Independent Wire Rope Cores (IWRC), which may or may not be sheathed or impregnated in plastic.

Typical uses include applications such as dragline hoist, drag and dump ropes, and shovel hoist, crowd and retract ropes.

Goods excluded from this application are:

  • stranded wire rope that is stainless steel as defined under Note (e) Stainless steel to the Tariff;
  • stranded wire rope with more than 8 strands, regardless of diameter; and
  • stranded wire rope less than 58mm or greater than 200mm in diameter, regardless of the number of strands.

The alleged circumvention goods

The goods the subject of the application are wire rope consisting of nine strands (the circumvention goods).

BBRG claims that subsequent to the measures being imposed, South African exporter Scaw South Africa (Proprietary) Limited (Scaw SA) has begun to promote and export nine-strand wire rope. As the original dumping duty notice applies only to wire rope consisting of up to eight strands, the circumvention goods are not covered by the original dumping duty notice. Additionally, BBRG claims that the circumvention goods exported from South Africa to Australia are being employed in the same use and manner as that pertaining to wire rope consisting of six to eight strands.

Further information on whether goods are included or excluded can be found in the initiation ADN 2018/105 (linked below).

Case information

Bekaert Wire Ropes Pty Ltd

Tariff Classification7312.10.00 (statistical code 91, 92)
Investigation PeriodFrom 1 January 2016Injury Examination Period 
Contacts for this investigation

Case Manager:

Tel: (03) 8539 2511
Fax: +61 3 8539 2499


Mailing address:The Director - Investigations 2
Anti-Dumping Commission
GPO Box 2013
Canberra ACT 2601


Key Dates
Initiation Date6 July 2018Initial submissions due12 August 2018
SEF* no later than11 February 2019SEF submissions due20 days after publication of SEF
Final recommendation due no later than21 June 2019Minister's decision expectedWithin 30 days of receiving the recommendation
*SEF - Statement of Essential Facts


ImporterQuestionnaire (DOCX 135KB)Questionnaire spreadsheet (XLSX 34KB)
ExporterQuestionnaire (DOCX 208KB)Questionnaire spreadsheet (XLSX 60KB)

Public Record

The public record includes non-confidential versions of documents such as the application, submissions, questionnaire responses, Commission visit reports and letters.

Electronic Public Records

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32 Notice - ADN 09/07/2019

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21 Report 11/02/2019

20 Submission 08/02/2019

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18 Submission 18/01/2019

17 Verification Report 10/01/2019

16 Questionnaire 11/12/2018

15 Notice - ADN 11/12/2018

14 Submission 06/12/2018

13 Submission 12/11/2018

12 Submission 09/11/2018

11 Notice - ADN 24/10/2018

10 Submission 24/10/2018

9 Submission 12/10/2018

8 Submission 08/10/2018

7 Verification Report 03/10/2018

6 Submission 01/10/2018

5 Submission 18/09/2018

4 Questionnaire 14/09/2018

3 Report 06/07/2018

2 Notice - ADN 06/07/2018

1 Application 06/07/2018

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