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Anti-Circumvention -

Clear float glass from Thailand

The goods the subject of the original notice are:

CFG in nominal thicknesses of 3 to 12 millimetres (mm).

The tolerances for each of these thicknesses are set out in the table below.

Nominal thickness (mm)

Acceptable tolerances (mm)


Thickness tolerances for CFG

The goods have the following characteristics:

  • transparent,flat, andrectangle or square in shape.

Glass with the following characteristics are not the goods:

  • coated, coloured, tinted or opaque

  • absorbent, reflective or non-reflective layer

  • wired;

  • bent, edge-worked, engraved, drilled, enamelled or otherwise worked

  • framed or fitted with other materials;

  • toughened (tempered) or laminated;

  • acid etched; or

  • low iron

The alleged circumvention goods

The goods the subject of the application are CFG in nominal thicknesses of 3 to 12 mm (i.e. the goods currently the subject of the original anti-dumping notice) which has been edge worked along at least one edge of the CFG sheet(the circumvention goods).

Further information on whether goods are included or excluded can be found in the initiation ADN 2018/93 (linked below).

Case information
ApplicantCSR Viridian Ltd (CSR)Tariff Classification7006.00.00 (statistical code 49)
Investigation Period1 July 2013 to 31 March 2018Injury Examination Period 
Contacts for this investigation

Case Manager:

Tel: (03) 8539 2418
Fax: +61 3 8539 2499


Mailing address:The Director - Investigations 3
Anti-Dumping Commission
GPO Box 2013
Canberra ACT 2601


Key Dates
Initiation Date18 June 2018Initial submissions due25 July 2018
SEF* no later than5 November 2018SEF submissions due20 days after publication of SEF
Final recommendation due no later than4 February 2019Minister's decision expectedWithin 30 days of receiving the recommendation
*SEF - Statement of Essential Facts



ImporterQuestionnaire (DOCX 140KB)Questionnaire Spreadsheet (XLSX 33KB)

Questionnaire (DOCX 209KB)

Questionnaire Spreadsheet (XLSX 56KB)

Public Record

The public record includes non-confidential versions of documents such as the application, submissions, questionnaire responses, Commission visit reports and letters.

Electronic Public Records

No. Document type Title Date published
15 Notice - ADN 07/03/2019

14 Report 07/03/2019

13 Notice - ADN 18/12/2018

12 Submission 26/11/2018

11 Submission 26/11/2018

10 Report 05/11/2018

9 Verification Report 17/10/2018

8 Notice - ADN 01/10/2018

7 Submission 24/09/2018

6 Other 27/08/2018

5 Note for File 13/08/2018

4 Submission 26/07/2018

3 Report 18/06/2018

2 Notice - ADN 18/06/2018

1 Application 18/06/2018

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Date published: 07/03/2019

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Date published: 18/06/2018