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The government administers export controls and provides guidance to the resources sector to help them compete in international markets and administers export controls.

Resources commodities account for more than half of Australia’s exports. The sector promotes:

  • open trade and markets to invigorate new foreign investment for our exports
  • innovation and technology to develop and operate future mining projects

Export is a large part of our economic and trade relationships with many countries, including growing economies in South and South East Asia.

Encouraging investment

Australia is an attractive investment destination. In terms of mineral endowment, we rank first in the world for gold, nickel, iron ore, lead, zinc and uranium and rank in the top 5 for many other important minerals.

Our explorers and miners are world-class. They have a long history of finding and converting ore bodies into wealth through their efficient production and supply systems.

Australia also has enviable governance and legal frameworks that bolster business and encourage investment.

Helping the resources sector compete

The government is helping the resources sector compete in new markets and to capture emerging opportunities. This includes:

  • support to access new markets
  • sustainable development practices of the resources sector
  • attracting private investment
  • encouraging innovative technologies

Engaging with governments

The government also participates in a number of intergovernmental initiatives and forums to exchange information and expertise:

Our department’s role

We regularly consult with Australia’s major trading partners and stakeholders. This engagements helps:

  • identify commercial opportunities for Australian businesses
  • encourage trade and investment
  • support science, commercialisation and resources sector innovation
  • promote best practice regulation across countries

We also have resources-focused counsellors in Tokyo, Beijing and New Delhi. These representatives help strengthen our trade and investment relationships in their respective countries.

Export controls

Export controls are in place to prohibit the export of certain commodities for security and trade protection reasons. These controls ensure that goods originating from Australia are used and transported appropriately.

The controls are defined by the Customs (Prohibited Export) Regulations 1958.

Our department’s role

We administer 3 export controls:

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Last updated: 14 August 2018

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