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Review of measurement markings on packaging

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We’re undertaking a review of Part 4 of the National Trade Measurement Regulations 2009. This section relates to measurement marking on packaging that show the quantity of a product in a package. The regulations are administered by the National Measurement Institute (NMI).

The review is investigating options that could improve these regulations. This may include aligning Part 4 with other Australian labelling frameworks.

We conducted market research and held 2 rounds of public consultations to better understand consumer preferences towards the measurement mark.

Market research

We commissioned ORIMA Research to investigate consumer preferences for the measurement mark. The research sought to understand consumer responses to different formats, sizes and location of the measurement mark across a series of food and non-food products.

Findings from this research suggest that, in practice, the measurement mark plays an intermittent role in consumer decision making. Read the ORIMA measurement markings research report for more detail.

Public consultations

We have conducted 2 rounds of public consultation.

First round

The first round included:

  • a discussion paper providing detail on the review scope and seeking feedback on Part 4
  • a streamlined online survey addressing issues specific to the measurement mark labelling

We published the submissions for the round that were not confidential. Read the summary of the online survey for more detail.

Second round

After considering public feedback, we developed an options paper outlining three options.

We held a second round of public consultation on the options paper that finished in June 2017. Read the submissions to the options paper that were not confidential.

Next steps

The review is still under active consideration and no decisions have been made. If the recommendations include changes to the current regulations, we will conduct further public consultations.

Measurement Law Review

A separate Measurement Law Review is being conducted into the legislative framework underpinning Australia’s measurement system. This review is looking at all aspects of the legislative framework except Part 4.

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