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Case study: Our operational workforce planning

We are promoting future ways of working with systematic workforce planning.

Operational workforce planning is an important initiative under Pillar 2 of our People Strategy.

Workforce planning is about predicting and planning for the future workforce needs of our department to ensure it can deliver what it needs to. We have introduced operational workforce planning to provide a systemic way to:

  • make sure the workforce is able to deliver against business requirements over 12 months
  • evolve to keep pace with changing delivery requirements
  • respond quickly and positively to unexpected events

Our People Branch held workshops with each division to discuss capacity, capability and what crucial job roles are required to meet demands over the coming months. These discussions informed divisional operational workforce plans. These plans form the basis of workforce strategies for each division and the department.

In these plans, divisions identify workforce risks and develop specific strategies to address these, depending on their objectives and priorities. At the departmental level, key risks and trends identified by analysing all divisional workforce plans will inform workforce strategies to benefit staff and the department as a whole. These will include strategies for recruitment, training and capability development, and mobility.

Operational workforce planning will happen annually, with future processes integrated within our annual business, budget and risk planning cycle.