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Developing northern Australia

The north has untapped promise, abundant resources and talented people. It’s Australia’s:

  • closest connection point with our key international markets
  • a high-value provider for domestic markets

Northern Australia agenda

The Australian Government is growing a stronger northern Australian economy through a long-term agenda of investment and support. The Our North Our Future White Paper on Developing Northern Australia sets out the priorities to unlock this potential over 20 years.

We’ve already achieved most of these goals.

Our north, our future

As part of the northern agenda we’re ensuring the north is an even more attractive place to live and do business.

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Simpler land arrangements to support investment

The north can only reach its full potential when all people who live there work towards and benefit from this growth agenda. Indigenous leaders and government are committed to furthering the Indigenous business sector, increasing Indigenous land owner involvement in development, and supporting innovation.

Developing the north’s water resources

Water is critical to grow northern industries like agriculture, aquaculture, mining, energy and tourism.

As part of the northern agenda the:

A business, trade and investment gateway

The Australian Government is funding industry-led research to develop new technologies, products and services in the north via the:

We’re promoting investment in resources to help shape the north’s economic future. Priorities include:

  • developing onshore gas resources to meet demand and harness global opportunities
  • expanding supply chains, downstream processing, manufacturing, research and innovation

Australia’s clean, pest and disease free status is one of our greatest assets. We support the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment’s:

Australia’s defence industry contributes almost 7% of the north’s economic growth. The Australian Defence Force supports a strong north and is upgrading defence facilities and infrastructure.

Infrastructure to support growth

Better infrastructure allows our farmers, miners and producers to get their products to markets more easily and reliably. It also helps grow the tourism industry.

The Australian Government provides states and territories with financial assistance for northern infrastructure projects through the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF).

We’re funding better roads, in partnership with the Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australian governments, through the:

We’re also strengthening northern communities and making cities more liveable through:

A northern workforce for growth

We support initiatives that grow northern businesses and encourage more Australians to live and work in the north, including the:

The Skilling Australians Fund is also helping build a stronger workforce for the north.

Good governance for northern Australia

The Office of Northern Australia is leading implementation of the northern agenda, in close collaboration with the Australian, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australian governments. A long-term commitment and united effort across governments, industry and the community will ensure a stronger north.

The Joint Standing Committee on Northern Australia conducts inquiries into northern development for Parliament or Ministers.

Progress on the northern agenda

See our progress reports:

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Last updated: 20 January 2021

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