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Proficiency test 19-23 hydrogen economy: hydrogen in natural gas

This proficiency test is a preparative comparison for specialty gas companies.

Registrations close 30 September 2019.

Test materials

Each participant will manufacture the test materials and send them to the National Measurement Institute (NMI) for comparison with NMI primary gas mixtures.

You will provide a reference material certificate for the gas mixture detailing the composition and uncertainty.

The gas cylinder valve should have an outlet that is routinely available. The preferred outlet for this comparison is AS2473 Type 20. 

You must supply gas samples with a minimum pressure of 30 bar. 

Gas samples are to contain the following composition (mole fraction):

  • Methane: 78.85 %
  • Ethane: 0.75 %
  • Propane: 0.3 %
  • n-Butane and iso-Butane: each at 0.20 % 
  • n-Pentane, iso-Pentane, neo-Pentane and n-Hexane: each at 0.050 % 
  • Nitrogen: 12 %
  • Carbon Dioxide: 4 %
  • Hydrogen: 3 %
  • Helium: 0.5 %

Sample distribution and reporting

  • You must deliver samples to the NMI by 15 October 2019. 
  • We will return cylinders by the end of December 2019 with an NMI certificate of composition.

You must ensure that no cylinder rental charges are payable by the NMI while we have the cylinders. 


The cost to participate is $1485.00. This includes GST.

You will need to pay extra for all international freight and duty charges.

To apply

1.    Read our proficiency testing terms and conditions.
2.    Email with your:

  • contact name
  • phone
  • postal address
  • delivery address
  • organisation

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