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Proficiency test AQA 20-32 hydrogen sulphide in nitrogen

This proficiency test is part of the National Measurement Institute's (NMI's) 2020 proficiency testing program for gas mixtures.

Registrations close 1 February 2020.

Test materials

We will supply each sample:

  • in a 5 L gas cylinder 
  • with a AS2473 Type 44 outlet
  • at approximately 30 bar pressure

The gas samples will contain the following components (nominal mole fractions only):

  • hydrogen sulphide: ≤ 20 ppm
  • nitrogen (as balance gas)

Sample distribution and reporting

  • We will distribute samples by 1 April 2020. 
  • You must submit your measurement results and return the sample cylinders by 1 June 2020.


  • $1375 if we supply sample cylinder at 30 bar, and you return it after testing 

These prices include GST and delivery to Australian sites.

You will need to pay extra for:

  • all international freight and duty charges
  • return delivery

To apply

  1. Read our proficiency testing terms and conditions.
  2. Email with your:
  • contact name
  • phone
  • postal address
  • delivery address
  • organisation

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Last updated: 8 December 2020

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