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Developing national capability in the space industry

Space is a fast-growing and competitive commercial sector. Space technologies support Australian innovation and the digital economy.

The Australian Space Agency coordinates the Australian space industry, and preparing it for the future by:

  • closing market gaps
  • developing emerging areas of interest
  • stimulating commercial investment in areas of competitive advantage

Key initiatives:

See the review of Australia’s space industry capability which is helping us grow the space industry.

Cooperating with businesses in the space industry

We develop agreements with businesses through Statements of Strategic Intent and Cooperation (SSIs). These agreements:

  • promote industry investment in the space sector
  • are non-binding joint statements between the Agency and commercial organisations operating in Australia

Through SSIs we invite commercial organisations to:

  • support the Agency’s goals to grow the Australian space economy and increase employment
  • invest in facilities, people, and research and development

Call for industry to develop SSIs

You should talk to us if you’re a commercial organisation:

  • who’s already operating in the traditional space sector
  • providing goods and services, and you identify space as a potential new market
  • using space technologies as a key part of your business model, like supporting agriculture, or remote asset management

Conditions for an SSI

To develop an SSI, commercial organisations must:

  • be Australian, or an Australian subsidiary of an international organisation operating in Australia
  • align their activities with the Australian Civil Space Strategy’s priority areas or strategic pillars, or both
  • align investments and activities with the Australian Civil Space Strategy’s investment principles
  • identify and quantify the investments they will make in Australia – these must contribute to the growth of our space industry and lift the economy
  • ensure the proposed investment’s business practices align with the Agency’s values – and must not violate human rights or Australian laws

Opportunities for start-ups

Our department provides support for start-ups on

CSIRO funding schemes can help businesses with a turnover of less than $100 million.

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  • Email
  • Phone 1800 087 367 (within Australia) / +61 2 6276 1166
  • Write to us at Australian Space Agency, GPO Box 2013, CANBERRA ACT 2601

Last updated: 24 June 2022

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