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Administering and funding space programs

We provide grants for projects to support Australian businesses and research organisations to become involved with international space agencies or established programs.

Each program supports the Australian Civil Space Strategy.  

Moon to Mars: opportunities for Australian businesses

The Moon to Mars initiative gives Australian businesses and researchers the opportunity to showcase their immense knowledge and capabilities in projects that can support NASA’s Moon to Mars program.

The initiative contains 3 integrated programs.

Watch our case study videos.

Trailblazer program

The Trailblazer program is the flagship element of the Moon to Mars initiative. It supports NASA’s space exploration program, and their endeavours to return to the Moon and then go on to Mars. It will:

  • contribute flagship Australian space capability within an international space exploration program
  • leverage Australia’s competitive strengths in space and showcase Australian capabilities to the world.

NASA Space Act agreement

Australia is heading to the Moon. We have reached an agreement with NASA for a small Australian-made ‘foundation services rover’ to be part of a future lunar mission. This will be supported by the Trailblazer program.

Read more about the NASA Space Act agreement.

Supply Chain program

The Supply Chain program funds projects that deliver products and services into space supply chains.

The Supply Chain program consists of two elements:

Demonstrator program

The Demonstrator program provides a pathway to develop and launch products into space, which will create new capability and build space heritage.

The Demonstrator program consists of two elements:

  • Demonstrator Feasibility Grants: Grants to develop the feasibility of space projects and missions.
  • Demonstrator Mission Grants: Grants for space activities at more advanced stages of mission development.

Australian small and medium sized businesses will be able to access up to $10 million to help launch their products into space.

Round two of the Demonstrator program under the Moon to Mars initiative will see companies able to apply for “mission grants” of between $750,000 and $10 million.

Applications are expected to open late in the first quarter of 2022. 

Read the Demonstrator program guidelines on 

Supporting space infrastructure growth

The Space Infrastructure Fund (SIF) invested $19.5 million into the growth of our space sector. It increased Australia’s space infrastructure and capabilities.

The SIF targeted 7 infrastructure projects around Australia:

International Space Investment initiative

The International Space Investment initiative helped unlock international space opportunities for Australia. It expanded the capability and capacity of our space sector.

The initiative provided $15 million for:

  • projects to grow the Australian space industry
  • projects that targeted at least 80% Australian investment

Read about the International Space Investment grant recipients.

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