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Space technology and services benefit all Australians. Space-based technology underpins a lot of the daily conveniences Australians have come to expect.

This includes:

  • weather forecasting
  • emergency management
  • internet access
  • online banking
  • GPS

Space technology can also assist:

  • farmers to monitor the health of their crops
  • emergency response workers track bushfires
  • autonomous mining vehicles 

Securing the future of Australia’s space sector is at the core of Advancing Space: Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019-2028. The Australian space sector is a set of space-related activities along the space value chain. See all Agency publications.

Developing national capability

We’re focusing on market gaps, emerging areas and areas of competitive advantage. Collaboration between government, our R&D sector and industry is growing. Our space economy is strong in production areas and we're building upstream capabilities.

Read more about developing national capability.

Leading international collaboration

Australia's space capability is stronger because we take part in:

  • international forums
  • agreements
  • treaties

We also leverage global partnerships to open the door to Australian innovators.

Read more about how we’re leading international collaboration.

Regulating Australian space activities

We authorise space objects like satellites, high power rockets and launch facilities. Our role is to:

  • assist entrepreneurs
  • ensure national safety
  • meet international obligations

Read more about regulating space activities.

Inspiring Australia in space

See how we're inspiring the nation and supporting the future workforce.

Australian Space Discovery Centre

We’re building a public place that will inspire, educate and engage anyone interested in space or aspiring to a career in space.

Careers in space

We’re inspiring young Australians to take up STEM careers to support the growth of the future workforce

Learning resources

We’re engaging students and young people with fun and educational learning resources that capture Australia’s history in space, space facts and career pathways in the space industry.

Administering and funding space programs

We're helping Australian businesses participate in the global space market.

Space infrastructure funding

We’re supporting our domestic space industry with funding for businesses and researchers to participate in the global space economy

Enabling international space investment

We’re providing grants for projects that enable Australia to participate in international space agency activities.

Moon to Mars: opportunities for Australian businesses

We’re providing Australian businesses and researchers opportunities to participate in NASA’s Moon to Mars program.

How the Agency works

We’re a non-statutory entity located within the department, and headquartered in Adelaide. Read more about who we are, how we’re organised and what we do.

Read more about the work we do in our publications library

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  • Write to us at Australian Space Agency, GPO Box 2013, CANBERRA ACT 2601