View of earth from space

Space sustainability is critical area gaining more attention, with focus on both sustainability in space and from space.

University students from across Australia will have a robust discussion on how Australia can become the leader this area.

The panellists will discuss topics of sustaining the space environment and how we use space, through to the importance of space technology in creating a sustainable future on Earth, such as mitigating the effects of climate change.  

Register to join our emerging space leaders in a discussion to address the main challenges for space sustainability, hosted by the Australian Space Agency as part of World Space Week.

Event details 

When: Friday 7 October ,11:00AM-11:45AM (AEDT)

Where: Online

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Panellists include: 

  • James Orman, Administrative Director of UQ Space
  • Patrick Grave, CEO of Melbourne space program 
  • Sophia Lin, Melbourne space program board of directors
  • Siena Zubcic, Co-lead of Monash nova rover team 
  • Chloe Change, Executive Director of Monash nova rover team 
  • Rebecca Leith, Executive Director of Monash nova rover team
  • Ben Jesset, Monas NASA payload team lead
  • Vismay Bhadra, Executive Director of USYD rocketry team.