WA company gets $4.5m grant to develop new space centre

Fugro Australia Marine has received a $4.5 million grant to help develop a space command and control complex for robotics and artificial intelligence.
A bank of computer screens and three computers on a table

Existing Fugro facility in Perth

A new Australian Space Robotics, Automation, and AI Command Control Complex will build on Australia’s strengths as a leader in remote asset management.

Part of the $19.5 million Space Infrastructure Fund, the complex will encourage local research and development of remote asset management capabilities for use in space.

Western Australian company Fugro Australia Marine is the recipient of a $4.5 million grant to help them develop the complex in Perth.

Fugro is highly regarded in remote operations and has a proven track record in delivering comparable projects.

The Head of the Australian Space Agency, Dr Megan Clark AC, said the project opens up opportunities for space investment, including:

  • support for in-orbit servicing
  • satellites
  • gateways
  • space stations
  • missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond

“Fugro is a leader in off-shore satellite monitoring and mapping. We are thrilled the establishment of this facility will create more high-tech jobs in robotics and automation which will help other industries on Earth,” Dr Clark said.

Fugro will provide $5 million in cash and a $5 million in-kind contribution to the project.

The facility will complement the Mission Control Centre at the Australian Space Agency headquarters in South Australia.

The Australian Government is investing almost $700 million into the space sector. The goal is to triple the size of the sector to $12 billion and add an extra 20,000 jobs by 2030.

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