Growth Centre: Advanced Manufacturing (AMCG)

Case study from: Growth Centres Success Stories

Australian manufacturer B&R Enclosures has taken the leap into Industry 4.0. With help from the Industry Growth Centres Initiative, the business has been transformed to fully integrate technology and digitialisation across the entire manufacturing process.

Business in focus: B&R Enclosures

B&R Enclosures is committed to keeping competitive in the ever changing global market and knew it needed to innovate information sharing across its operational processes in order to drive revenue and improve the customer experience.

As a business in one of Australia’s growth sectors, B&R Enclosures sought assistance from the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC). AMGC assisted with funding and facilitated connections with suppliers and technology partners for a six-month project running until October 2019 - involving the University of Queensland, Red Button Group and a number of B&R’s suppliers and customers.

This project utilises Industry 4.0 solutions to increase information transparency across B&R’s entire manufacturing value chain and streamline decision making. This allows B&R Enclosures and its partners to better respond to the changing needs of customers and deliver enhanced user experiences in a cost competitive market.

AMGC has provided support to B&R Enclosures to increase export revenues, create 25 high-skilled manufacturing roles over the long term and position the business as a leader in Industry 4.0. These newly created roles will include mechatronics engineering, data analytics, and IT security staff.

B&R Enclosures is just one of the many businesses across six sectors unlocking its success with Australia’s Industry Growth Centres Initiative. If your business has unrealised potential, now could be your time.

“This project has really helped us keep pace with the demands of a rapidly changing world. What we are aiming to be is a business with the best people, the best manufacturing capabilities and supply partners, to deliver a superior result for our customers.”

– Chris Bridges-Taylor, B&R Enclosures General Manager