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Growth Centre: NERA

Case study from: Growth Centres Success Stories

Do you need to prevent spinal and muscular injuries in the workforce? With help from Industry Growth Centres Initiative, Perth-based firm Soter Analytics has developed a solution – a wearable safety device.

Business in focus: Soter Analytics

Firms with a large industrial workforce, such as those in the energy resources sector, face challenges around workplace safety. Spinal and muscular injuries account for more than 50 per cent of all workplace injury costs.

Soter Analytics’ co-founder Matthew Hart had an idea – to predict these injuries before they happen by identifying dangerous body movements. As a business in one of Australia’s six growth sectors, Soter Analytics accessed the expertise of National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) to help bring this concept to life.

With support from a NERA Innovation Voucher, Soter Analytics was able to enhance its product and prepare it for manufacturing. NERA also helped Soter Analytics connect with oil and gas firms at the Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition 2018 (AOG2018).

Soter Analytics recently released its low-cost, wearable SoterSpine in Australia. The safety device monitors and records at-risk body posture movements to prevent spinal and muscular injuries.

The SoterSpine can reduce the risk of spinal and muscular injury by up to 70 per cent. It also has the benefit of being easy to use — employees can just clip it on and go. And with Soter Analytics setting up an office in London, it will soon to be available in the United Kingdom.

Soter Analytics is just one of many businesses across six sectors unlocking its success with Australia’s Industry Growth Centres Initiative. If your business has unrealised potential, now could be your time.

"The NERA Innovation Voucher has allowed us to improve the design of the SoterSpine device hardware and get it ready for manufacture."

– Matthew Hart, co-founder of Soter Analytics