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Default Market Offer: have your say


9 September 2021

We’d like your feedback on the Default Market Offer and Reference Price for electricity retailers. Submissions close 11 October 2021.

First commercial rocket launch under updated Space (Launches and Returns) Act


8 September 2021

The Australian Space Agency has given regulatory approval for a commercial rocket launch to take place from a newly licensed launch facility.

New legislation to encourage investment in offshore renewable energy


2 September 2021

The Australian Government has introduced the Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Bill 2021. The new framework covers infrastructure projects for offshore electricity generation and transmission.

Challenges of the Age webinar September 2021: speech by Dr Alan Finkel


1 September 2021

Special Adviser to the Australian Government on Low Emissions Technology, Dr Alan Finkel, delivered a speech for the Challenges of the Age webinar.

Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions: March 2021 quarterly update


31 August 2021

The latest Quarterly Update of Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory confirms Australia’s emissions are at their lowest level on record.