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Showcasing industry growth across sectors


6 December 2018

The Industry Growth Centres Initiative showcase today highlighted the success of the Growth Centres in their respective industry sectors.

Comments welcomed on cost recovery for approvals of space activities


30 November 2018

Provide input on how the Australian Space Agency proposes to implement cost recovery charges for approvals under The Space (Launches and Returns) Act 2018.

Offshore petroleum safety regime review


29 November 2018

We're reviewing the OHS regime for offshore petroleum workers in Australian waters. As part of the process we have set up a Safety Stakeholder Group.

Scientists set to vote on weighty issue


16 November 2018

Leaders of the international measurement community from more than 60 countries come together for an historic vote on changes to the metric system, which will lead to a landmark redefinition of the kilogram.

Thank you to the outgoing Chair of Innovation and Science Australia


9 November 2018

Dr Alan Finkel AO, Chief Scientist and Interim Chair of Innovation and Science Australia, acknowledges the outstanding contributions made by inaugural Chair, Bill Ferris AC.