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Outcomes from the NAIF review

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9 December 2020

Our Statutory Review shows the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) is successfully driving investment in northern Australia.

The NAIF is the flagship initiative of the Australian Government’s policy agenda for northern Australia. It delivers $5 billion in financial assistance to infrastructure projects benefiting the north.

The review found the NAIF’s performance has improved substantially since changes to its Investment Mandate in 2018. The report recommends further reforms to enhance the impact of the NAIF and its role as a driver of economic development in northern Australia. This is particularly important to respond to economic challenges COVID-19 presents.

The recommendations include:

  • extending the NAIF’s operations for five years until 30 June 2026
  • accelerating its lending rate
  • expanding the scope of projects eligible for NAIF funding
  • increasing the NAIF’s risk appetite
  • strengthening the NAIF’s governance framework

Read the NAIF review report.

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