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10 April 2019

Bizlab Academy have released new dates for their popular 3-day Human Centred Design 1.01 training. Select places are available for policy, program and service delivery providers across the Australian Public Service (APS):

  • Canberra courses scheduled throughout the year
  • Brisbane in May
  • Hobart in June

View upcoming dates and registration details.

Human Centred Design (HCD) is a creative and strategic approach to tackling complex problems by putting the user at the heart of solution design.

HCD 1.01 introduces you to HCD principles, tools and techniques and how to apply them in your work. The course is developed and delivered by public servants for public servants, ensuring examples and approaches are tailored for the government context.

Participants come away with a library of techniques to:

  • scope projects
  • identify and define problems
  • conduct user research and synthesise insights
  • ideate, prototype and test solutions
  • implement and refine solutions
  • drive ongoing innovation

The training is available to all APS staff, allowing participants to share insights and build their networks.

“It was great that there was a mix of participants from across the APS. The facilitators were great and were able to share their experiences of putting HCD into practice.” -  HCD 1.01 participant

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