New space collaboration with NT

The Australian Space Agency is strengthening space collaborations with the Northern Territory Government.
Northern Territory Chief Minister holds up MOU on a virtual call with Australian Space Agency Head.

Chief Minister of the Northern Territory Hon Michael Gunner and Dr Megan Clark AC

The Northern Territory Government and Australian Government have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which focuses on creating high-tech local jobs and new technologies.

The MOU also highlights the opportunities to engage with international regions to strengthen partnerships and explore further space capabilities. This includes the US, France, Japan and Indo-Pacific region.

Head of the Australian Space Agency Dr Megan Clark AC said the Territory’s wide open spaces provide significant competitive advantages for space related activities.

“Growing the Northern Territory’s space sector improves other parts of the local economy through the application of space technologies to areas like bushfire tracking, emergency management, and agriculture,” Dr Clark said.

“Existing infrastructure from ground stations such as the indigenous, owned and operated, Centre for Appropriate Technology, and the Alice Springs Balloon Launching Facility show the capability that exists within the Northern Territory.

“The proximity of the Territory to the equator also means advantages for commercial rocket launch. The Agency has the role of ensuring the regulatory environment for space launch activities balances safety and entrepreneurship.”

The Australian Government is investing over half a billion dollars to create another 20,000 jobs and grow the space sector to $12 billion by 2030.