New engineering partner to assist with design on radioactive waste facility

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18 December 2020

The Australian Government is calling on suitably qualified engineering companies to work with them to help design Australia’s new National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

ANSTO has been engaged by the Australian Radioactive Waste Agency (ARWA) to utilise their nuclear expertise and provide engineering, safety, security advice for the proposed facility.

Through the new tender, ANSTO is seeking an engineering partner to support them in progressing from the current generic concept design to a site-specific schematic for the facility in Napandee.

Napandee is located 20 kilometres west of Kimba and was identified in February this year as the site to host the facility - after the community broadly supported it being located there.

“This is a multi-year, multimillion dollar project which we are progressing on many fronts,” Sam Chard, General Manager of ARWA, said.

“There are several streams of work, including policy, legislative, regulatory, design underway now, and construction and operation which will come years from now.

“Through this tender ANSTO will appoint an engineering partner who will tailor and develop the current generic plans to be more specific to Napandee, in the first schematics for the facility.

“The schematics will be detailed enough to be included with licensing applications for the waste facility, and will be further refined in the future to preliminary and then detailed designs.

“ANSTO will test national and international markets to ensure we get the best engineering talent for the task.

“This is an exciting step forward in this long and detailed process to establish a site for Australia’s radioactive waste – waste that comes largely from the production of nuclear medicine.”

Tenders close on 20 January 2021. The company appointed under this contract will be engaged by ANSTO until the end of FY22, with a possibility of extension.

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