Moon to Mars: Facilitating space supply chain opportunities

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18 June 2021

The Moon to Mars Supply Chain Facilitation tender is now open. 

The tender program will identify service providers with the ability to assist Australian organisations to enter space supply chains. This is the first tender in the Supply Chain Facilitation program. Later stages intend to work with small to medium size businesses to broaden the program and provide more opportunities to industry.

The Australian Space Agency’s Moon to Mars initiative is a $150 million investment to boost Australia’s space sector. This program will support the Agency to grow a national space industry that lifts the economy and improves the lives of Australians.

The objectives of the Supply Chain Facilitation program are to:

  • develop opportunities for Australian Space Organisations to enter their space supply chain across their business units
  • work with adjacent industries to bring them into the Australian Space Sector
  • assess, qualify and on-board capable Australian Space Organisations to be part of their space supply chains and those of their major sub-contractors
  • provide mentoring, training and regular feedback.

This program complements the current Supply Chain Capability Improvement Grants program

Submit a Supply Chain Facilitation tender through the AusTender website

Email tender enquiries to

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