Mission ready testing of space equipment

The Australian Space Agency has opened the Space Infrastructure Fund Payload qualification grant - to develop a new space payload testing and qualification capability in Australia.
Satellite inside a testing facility

UNSW Canberra Space M2 Pathfinder Satellite inside the WOMBAT XL TVAC Chamber ready for Thermal Vacuum Testing.

We are growing Australia’s space sector by investing in infrastructure.  

The payload qualification facilities grant, under the Space Infrastructure Fund is now open.

This funding will expand and improve existing facilities for testing space objects in Australia. Australian business and researchers will be able to test their space objects, like satellites on our soil. 

By addressing gaps in Australia’s space infrastructure we are supporting manufacturing and streamlining the testing of space equipment right here in Australia.

An audit of existing payload qualification and testing facilities in Australia found a range of level one capability. This capability includes mandatory testing requirements for launch such as mechanical vibration, and vacuum bake out.

The audit identified gaps or limited availability in level two and level three capabilities. These higher level capabilities provide greater mission assurance, such as thermal vacuum, altitude control and ionising radiation.

The grant opportunity will focus on level two and/or three capabilities. 

The $2.5 million space payload qualification facilities grant opportunity closes on 21 January 2021.

Visit the Business Grants Hub for more information or to apply.

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