Investment to help Australian businesses tap into India’s booming space industry

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22 March 2022

The Australian Government is unlocking opportunities for Australian businesses and researchers to tap into India’s booming space industry.

The $25 million expansion of the International Space Investment (ISI) initiative will support Australian organisations to work with:

  • the Indian Space Research Organisation
  • the broader Indian space sector.

India’s space program is one of the fastest growing in the world. It is expected to grow by US$43 billion to 2025.

Australia and India have a long history of working together in space. In 2021, our nations signed a memorandum of understanding relating to space.

Australia is also supporting India’s inspirational Gaganyaan human spaceflight mission. That will make India the fourth nation to send humans into space.

The expansion of the ISI comes after 10 projects were supported in 2020 with a total of $11 million. 24 Australian businesses and research organisations were involved in the projects.

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