Improving integrity in the rooftop solar PV sector

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16 September 2021

A review of the rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) sector, led by the Clean Energy Regulator, has recommended reforms to the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). The reforms are needed to more effectively manage quality, safety and compliance risks in this rapidly growing sector.

The review looked at how the SRES regulatory framework and processes can better protect consumers and improve integrity in the rooftop solar PV sector. Its recommendations were informed by engaging with key stakeholders.

The review’s 13 recommendations cover 3 broad themes:

  • tightening SRES eligibility requirements for installers
  • tightening SRES eligibility requirements for solar panels and inverters
  • promoting better consumer outcomes, including by placing obligations on solar retailers under the SRES.

The Australian Government supports the review’s recommendations, which include:

  • making the Clean Energy Regulator responsible for setting the eligibility requirements for installers and solar components
  • implementing new reporting requirements for installers, solar retailers, and manufacturers
  • giving the Clean Energy Regulator more effective powers to monitor and enforce compliance.

These reforms will ensure that installers, retailers and manufacturers who do the wrong thing can be held to account.

We will consult on these regulatory changes later in 2021. Feedback from stakeholders will inform the implementation and timing of the reforms.

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